Q   I want to nominate a book series (for example, The Foundation by Asimov). Do I need to send several submissions?
A   No – in case it is commonly known which single books are included in a e.g. trilogy.

Q   Do I have to submit the book-title in the language the book was originally written in?
A   No, but in case you know it, you can type it in brackets (original title).

Q   I like an author but cannot decide upon a particular title. Can I send a kind of “general nomination”?
A   No, we ask you to be specific, this helps us in processing the submissions.

Q   Do I have to use a specific language in the “Why you choose this book”-box?
A   No, you can use any language. We will post some of these explanations on our MOM facebook site, which is mostly in english. If you want to participate in a public discussion, you should use english, but it is not mandatory.

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