The Memory of Mankind Archive is located deep in the world´s oldest salt mine in Hallstatt. The salt deposit in Hallstatt originated about 240 million years ago from salt from the ancient Tethys ocean. The MOM archive is thus, in a figurative sense, a message in a bottle in the ocean of time.

With your help MOM will be selecting the 1,000 most important books of our time, preserving them on ceramic microfilm tablets with the objective of keeping them stored for the far future, even a million years or more! Just as your bookshelf reflects your interests and preferences, the selection of this 1000 books will say a lot about us and our time. – “Show me your books and I’ll tell you who you are.”

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Background on Memory of Mankind Foundation

The Memory of Mankind Foundation (MOM) was founded in 2012 with the goal of preserving an image of our present far beyond the digital age. We all know that digitally stored information is very vulnerable and therefore will not last forever. For that reason ceramic-based data tablets are stored deep in the salt mine of Hallstatt (Austria) in the Memory of Mankind Archive.